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Here's your entry point to modern physics without advanced math.

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OnScreen Particle Physics™ provides an infinite supply of physically accurate subatomic particle decay events and the tools with which to understand them.


As of August 2020 it runs on current (and old) Mac and Windows operating systems.

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"This is a remarkable tool that students can use to explore particle physics in an engaging, authentic way."
Tom Jordan, Quarknet Project Coordinator, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Who says E=mc2 is not practical? Particle physicists use it all the time, and so will you. Prize-winning OnScreen Particle Physics™ supplies you with the software tools and examples you need to obtain a satisfying experience in the scientific analysis of realistic subatomic data. OnScreen Particle Physics™ deals not with abstractions derived from experiment, but with the simple particle events themselves. You make the measurements and apply the momentum/mass/energy equations (relativistic, but just algebra) to solve the puzzle of what kind of particles have left their tracks in the 3-D chamber.